Why I Fell In Love with Intensive Therapy

therapists during therapy session smiles

Before starting with The Timmermans Method, I had never been involved in intensive therapy, I started in December 2019, and after a few short months I can officially say I love intensive therapy.

Intensive therapy is 2-3 hour sessions, 5 days a week for 1-3 weeks. While it sounds exhausting, it is in fact the most amazing thing I have experienced.

Intensive therapy gives me a chance to learn everything I can about the child and their family, it allows me to gain bonds of trust, understanding and love with the child and their family which is an essential part of therapy. I have learnt that during intensives forming these bonds then allows me to truly see my client and allows me to appreciate and understand exactly how I can help them.

For me, the main positive is the kids can gain the most incredible results. In 1-3 weeks of intensive therapy so much can change, strength, body awareness, neuroplasticity and so much more, and watching these changes occur is truly the most amazing gift. I have watched kids take their first independent steps, increase their independent step count, walk in a walker unassisted for the first time, sit up and hold their own head up for the longest period to date, all of these and far more are the reasons I have fallen in love with intensive therapy and why I cannot wait to continue with more intensive therapy.

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