Soft Tissue Mobilisation

Paediatric Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation: The Beginning

PIASTM is used to help children with cerebral palsy and other muscle conditions gain improved range of motion, flexibility, and muscle activation. It is used as the first stage of body relaxation during intensive therapy sessions. It is practiced by paediatric physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and exercise physiologists. It was originally invented for Adults and was then adapted for paediatrics use by Kanu Kaushik, a paediatric physiotherapist from INDIA.


PIASTM is an instrument-assisted form of massage. It uses a special metal tool that helps to break down adhesions in the fascia, located between the skin and muscle.

PIASTM Is used to assist is a therapeutic technique that uses a specific “Tool” to promote freedom of movement and muscle relaxation. This enhances mobilisation for children with spasticity.

Take a Look at How PIASTM Can Help

PIASTM Training Offers

Proper identification of biomechanical principles integrated for treatment.

Identify and discuss the indications and contraindications of PIASTM.

Select the appropriate protocol for particular conditions in paediatric populations.

Research is currently being undertaken to validate the effectiveness of PIASTM across India, Malaysia, and Australia. Anecdotally, in Australia, it has done wonders for our clients in our clinics.

Review and develop a better understanding of soft tissue injury, healing, and reactivity of PIASTM and Functional release technique.

Children with cerebral palsy become looser and move with greater freedom.


How Does PIASTM Help Children with Special Needs

PIASTM should be used with cerebral palsy children in the same way Botox is used; to help reduce the spasticity in the overactive muscles, allowing for the rest of the system to become involved in the movement pattern. Once the child is moving better we carry out multiple days or weeks of therapy to help them develop a new motor pattern.

Who can Administer PIASTM
to Children

The Timmermans Method

The Timmermans Method Therapy Clinics provide intensive therapy for children with developmental conditions. Our intensive model combines multiple approaches to get results faster than previously thought possible.

PIASTM in Action