Parent Education


With our mission in helping children with special needs comes the responsibility to give the parents the right support paired with necessary information. 

Here, at The Timmermans Method, we are a growing family that aims to educate and empower each other, especially the families to help children achieve more. Feel free to get to know us and how we do things through our videos below. We have meticulously compiled all of these to help prepare your family and child for an intensive therapy. You’re in good hands with one of the best therapy center Australia there is.

Our Video Library

Here is a selection of videos we have produced to help parents understand and participate in our Intensive Therapy programs.

Emelia's Amazing Strength Training

Learning The Concept Of Movement

Emelia Learning To Push Up Tall With Her Legs

Kelsea's First Independent Walk

Learning To Use Legs

Power Plate For Cerebral Palsy Quad Position