Hydrotherapy, when used correctly, is a fantastic tool. It can teach kids about their body through increasing proprioception, help them relax the stiffness in their body, as well as improve mobility and fitness.


Our therapists have all been trained in specialised special needs hydrotherapy techniques, including the Halliwick method, the Claire Timmermans method, and Watsu water therapy.


(knowledge of where the body is in space)

Muscle relaxation

Learning different ways to move their body (dynamic motor pattern)

Improves balance

Can help support when learning how to walk

Exercise & fitness


Claire Timmermans (Chad’s mother) was arguably one of the first people in the world to run hydrotherapy sessions for special needs kids. In 1962 Claire started teaching kids with cerebral palsy in her swimming classes along with babies and other children. She found that when she had kids with cerebral palsy in water, for up to three hours per day,  they would start to move differently when on land. This could have been from improved fitness, improved range of motion, or more awareness of their body. Whatever she was doing it worked. Very quickly Claire and Tim Timmermans were thrust into the world of paediatric rehab.