3-Week Intensive Therapy

Duration: 3 hours, 5 days a week for 3 weeks where we work hand in hand with the parent to help the children achieve the goals set out at the beginning of therapy. Helps children strengthen their muscles, improve muscle tone, improve balance and even achieve new milestones depending on their abilities.

Intensive programs are available in:

  • Adelaide & Auckland
  • Melbourne
  • "Pop Up" in Sydney, Brisbane & elsewhere

Leave us a message to know full price list for all services.


  • Our therapists are registered providers of Medicare Australia. Please speak to your GP for more information on plans and eligibility. We can provide  you with a receipt for rebates.
  • Funding via NDIS is accredited by our clinic.
  • Also Better Start funding can be used to let your child enjoy our intensive therapy.
  • Our therapists are registered providers with most of the leading private health care insurers.

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    (If possible please add video's of the child for at most 10 seconds attempting these actions. All the videos will only be used internally to check the eligibility of your child for the programs we offer.)