Therasuit Method:
Innovative Intensive Therapy

What is Therasuit

The Therasuit intensive therapy method is an individualised therapy program that accelerates functional progress. The program uses the Therasuit, a soft, dynamic orthotic suit with bungee-like cords. This helps children learn new correct patterns of movement through strengthening and functional skills practice. The suit’s major goal is to improve and change the pressure from the joints, muscles, ligaments, reduce pathological reflexes, restore physiological muscle synergy, and load the entire body with weight. This is ideal for those looking to meet functional goals at an accelerated rate as compared to traditional therapy. Therasuit is an innovative and proven method that’s established for the child and is based on the child’s needs, conditions and development.

How Therasuit Method Works

The key element of Therasuit is a strengthening program based on the individual’s needs, strengths and weaknesses. Increased strength and control of muscles results in increased daily functional ability. Therasuit method aims to eliminate pathological reflexes and establish new, correct, and functional patterns of movements. This is done through increasing the feedback the body sends to the brain through doing activities while wearing the suit. The Therasuit aligns the body as close to normal as possible. Re-establishing the correct postural alignment plays a crucial role in normalizing muscle tone, sensory and vestibular function.

The Universal Exercise Unit, used as part of the Therasuit method, trains the ability to isolate desired movements and strengthen the muscle groups responsible for those movements. Universal Exercise Unit allows clients to gain increased range of motion, muscle and joint flexibility, as well as functional skills.

What Therasuit Treats

The Therasuit program is for children who are 2½ years or older, and have been diagnosed with conditions such as:

The Benefits of Therasuit to your Child

Re-train central nervous system

Restore ontogenic development

Normalize muscle tone

Align the body to as close to normal as possible

Improve independence with daily activities

Improve body and spatial awareness

Improve motor skills

Improve balance and coordination

Decrease contractures

Provide external stabilisation

Support weak muscles

Therasuit In Action

The Timmermans Method

The Timmermans Method Therapy Clinics provide intensive therapy for children with developmental conditions. Our intensive model combines multiple approaches to get results faster than previously thought possible.