CME Therapy Proven and Effective for Children with Cerebral Palsy

a therapist doing cme therapy to a child with cerebral palsy

Cuevas Medek Exercises, or CME as it is more commonly known, is arguably the most effective form of therapy for teaching children with cerebral palsy to balance and walk. From my 23 years of professional experience, CME is by far most superior to any other therapy for teaching children posture, balance, and walking ability.

Originally invented by Ramon Cuevas in the 1970’s in Venezuela, CME has risen in popularity in recent years. Now practiced world wide by more then 800 therapists.

The reason I love CME so much is for two reasons. Firstly, kids enjoy it. It’s like going to the park and playing on play equipment. IT’S FUN!!! Kids learn how to balance, step, and do cool things. For a child with cerebral palsy who has never been able to do such basic movements it is akin to “doing what other kids do”. Secondly, it has been the final piece of the puzzle from a professional perspective. Teaching a child with cerebral palsy to balance and walk is immensely hard. With all the elements of spasticity, muscle weakness, and co-ordination issues, most therapists give up once a child is in a walker. CME is the therapy we use to get kids either into or out of walkers and teach them a better form of movement.

The only challenge with CME is that a therapist has to be strong. It is extremely physically demanding. Back, shoulders, and upper body get a really good workout. The best CME therapists are also the strongest.

CME is quite simply so effective that eventually I predict it will become the most commonly practiced therapy for improving balance and walking in children with Cerebral Palsy.

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