PIASTM | A New And Highly Effective Intensive Therapy Program

PIASTM technique

Paediatric Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (PIASTM) is a new and highly effective intensive therapy to help reduce muscle tightness and spasticity for children with cerebral palsy.

We have been practicing PIASTM at The Timmermans Method clinics for the last three months, and the results have been highly encouraging. The reason we love PIASTM so much is because it frees up muscle tension in a very short amount of time. A child’s body can be reduced in fascial tension allowing them to move with an increased level of freedom. This then flows over to practicing movement with a reduced level of spasticity.

One of the examples of how effective PIASTM is, is the case of Emilia. She was unable to walk with a standard walker and required arm gutters to take her body weight—this was because her legs were not strong enough or coordinated enough. She had too much spasticity in her legs for her to be able to rely on them for holding her body weight. She also used to be continually scissoring her legs and she would get her legs caught while trying to take a step. After three weeks of PIASTM and simple practicing in her walker, Emilia was able to control her walker in a straight line, as well as no longer needing the gutter support to take her body weight.

The second example is Addy. Her personal best for walking was five independent steps. After 45 minutes of PIASTM therapy, which helped reduce her level of body tension and stiffness, Addy was able to take 18 independent steps. This was the result of her body being freed up from muscle tension and allowing for more effective movement.

The Kinesio Prehab Institute in India started the exceptional approach known as PIASTM. We had the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Kanu Kaushik, from the institute, last March in Adelaide. We conducted a trial of PIASTM on eight individuals, both children and adults, with promising results. As a result we now offers PIASTM at our clinics as one of our intensive therapy programs.

At The Timmermans Method, we are very excited to be the first therapy center to offer PIASTM in Australia, and we look forward to being able to help our clients to progress to another level.

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