Intensive Therapy Stories | Addy’s First Steps

Addy's Milestones

Hearing the words ‘your daughter will never, walk, talk or understand the world around her, and we think you should turn her life support off’, were words that I never wanted to hear. Especially when your brand new baby is only a few days old.

But the day those awful words were said, is the day that I knew Addy wasn’t giving up without a fight! And that’s exactly what she’s done! 

She started with a few small wobbly steps over the years, during her child therapy sessions. Those moments felt like we had won gold! I’ll never forget that feeling and the tears that rolled down my face.

Each intensive meant a few more steps to add to her record! And each record felt like winning gold all over again!

Seven years on and quiet a few intensives under our belt and Addy is now managing nearly 20 independent steps!

Watching her take steps, watching her confidence grow, and even hearing the odd ‘no mummy’, when she’s had enough, is probably one of the most amazing things in the world.

Hearing those words at 3 days old, I knew she’d prove them wrong, but I never thought in a million years, we would get to where we are now.

I tell myself, if she’s doing all of this at seven, what will she be doing at 10? Or 15 or even 21? It’s a hugely scary thought, but excitement easily overshadows that!

I am one proud mum, and I’ll always be her biggest cheerleader! Choosing the best intensive therapy is a life-changing decision for our Addy and for our family. 

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