Mind Blowing Results. The Case of Emilia.

People with Cerebral Palsy have major problems with tightness in their body. Last month we started using a new therapy technique called PIASTM to help release the tension and stiffness. Paediatric Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (PIASTM), is a massage technique started in India that releases the muscle tension out of spastic muscles. One of our first clients to benefit from PIASTM was Emilia. 

Emilia walked into the Melbourne clinic using her new croc walker. She had been practicing with it for the past five months. She was unable to support her weight with her legs and had little ability to walk with any pattern or maneuver the walker where she wanted. Previously we had tried to improve her ability to use her walker but got very little progress. 

To test the effectiveness of PIASTM all we did with Emilia was undertake one hour of PIASTM therapy per day followed by practice in the walker. 

At the end of three weeks, Emilia left the clinic using her walker without arm gutters, steering it down the hallway, with a good gait pattern. 

By reducing the tension in her body, by removing adhesions in her fascial connective tissue, Emilia was able to move easier. The practice in her walker directly afterwards was significantly more effective. 

As a result Emilia not only uses her walker for mobility now but also climbs on and off the couch and has started cruising. Her mother also reports she seems to move differently now. More like a young child and less like a kid with cerebral palsy.  

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