Managing home therapy, home schooling, working full time and balancing family life, all at once!

Mom and Dad with their child after therapy

Breathe! I have to remember that during this crazy period, they’re calling COVID19.

I thought my life was full on having two children, one with special needs, and working full time. But throw in home schooling, and home therapy as well, and far out, life has definitely taken a turn in the fast lane!

My eldest, Matilda is in year 4 and is currently learning about measurement at school. So she is measuring everything all over the house. Addalyn is learning pictures in books, how things work, (how rain comes from clouds etc), and I’m learning how to be a school teacher!

A school teacher, a mum, a good partner, and a therapist, all while working full time.

I find balance in having a routine. Having a schedule of who needs to achieve what, by a certain time, certainly makes my day run smoother!

I make sure that their school work is completed at the right time, but I also make sure we make time to sit at the table and all eat dinner together and ask about each other’s day.

Matilda also likes to get hands on while helping with Addys at home therapy, which makes it feel like less of a task and more family time.

But most importantly, I remember to breathe!

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